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C# Implementation of FlowBasedProgramming (C#FBP)

For more information, see:

The latest version of this (http://www.jpaulmorrison.com/fbp/CsharpFBP-2.3.zip) is available on my web site, and also on SourceForge. Its features are shown below:

The following is definitely the major change in Version 2.x, and means that every "verb" (component) must be enhanced with metadata. However, this can generally be done using cut and paste, and need only be done once.

    [InPort("IN", arrayPort = true)]

    public class Collate : Component {


Other changes:


where "p" is the packet.

      double _timeout = 2;   // 2 secs


    //   activity taking time goes here


    Connect("componentA.portname", "componentB.portname");

    Component("xxxxx", typeof(yyyyy));


where "index" is an absolute number - either in a "Connect" or an "Initialize" statement.

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