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I'm Doug Little. I'm a software architect working in the Data Warehousing/decision support field for over 17 years now. I've been interested in Flow-based programming for years, since my early career working with SAS and then later with IBM's VM/OS CMSTSOPipelines tool.

If you're interested in FBP, I suggest you get a copy of Paul's book "Flow Based Programming". For a brief synopsis of what I've learned see DougLittleFPBBookReview. I expect to be spending more time here as we pick J. Paul's brain about how we exactly build a FBP language/tool. I hope you will continue your efforts to learn about FBP. It's a valuable concept that's been neglected for too long.

Cheers! Doug Little Doug.little@pobox.com 1/17/2004

Doug, in case you are wondering where your text went, it's now in ETL.

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