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Experience to date using simple captcha test - entered 22 Sept., 2005 (this was also posted on Usemod, but no feedback there so far).

I seem to have had some success blocking spam - in several months only one spammer, and s/he is now (the only one) on my banned list! I put some instructions on how to build a string and insert it as the Edit password, on the home page (to make it a captcha, I didn't specify the string, but gave instructions on how to build it). I ran like this for several months with no spam at all, but very few bona fide visitors either. I therefore created a page called Captcha with the same instructions, and extended the "This page is read-only" message in my copy of the Usemod code with a reference to the Captcha page. Got several bona fide visits, and one persistent spammer (from Russia, I believe). Adding him/her to the banned list didn't stop him/her - I then realized that in Usemod, edit authority takes precedence over banned. I have now changed my copy of the code so the banned list takes precedence over edit authority, but not over admin authority. There hasn't been a single case of vandalism since - knock on wood! I may have to update this tomorrow!

Feedback would be appreciated - and you get to try it out! It really shouldn't be too painful as you only have to go through the (simple) exercise once!

Did you measure the fall off in anonymous editors? -- SunirShah

Hi Sunir, I don't think I have ever had any! Certainly since I implemented the Captcha test - and I had very few before that. Usually people on this wiki tend to say who they are - or they don't contribute at all! --PaulMorrison

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