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I'm Joe Armstrong - I invented Erlang and a few other things.

I was born in Bournemouth, but have lived in Sweden for half of my life.

I was educated as a physicist (University College London) where I was doing a Ph.D in high energy physics but I dropped out to go and work with Donald Michie at the Edinburgh dept of machine intelligence - this was in 1974.

The bottom fell out of AI so I moved back to physics and moved to Sweden. Thence 8 years of FORTRAN. Then I moved to Ericsson where I invented Erlang and OTP and .... - I quit in 1998 started own company (Bluetail) to exploit Erlang we were sold to Alteon in 2000 for 145M$ (this was the height of the IT boom)

Then the bubble bust and I was made redundant so I went in research and got a PhD? (in CS) - and now finally I'm back where I started at Ericsson - but with a lot more clout than before.

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