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Handle of a personality in the UK. The website is http://peace.wikicities.com/wiki/ASQ.

They now have a resources page at http://peace.wikicities.com/wiki/Resources.

Here are some aphorisms from the web site:

The Empty Page

It is whispered in email forums
and on forbidden programming wikis
of a computer so fast that it finishes
computing before it starts

How wonderful

No longer to be restricted in shape or form

''Quantum computing and before that grid processing will bypass the historical restrictions of memory, processing power and CPU design. As the potential for self configuring, growing and reconfigurable CPU become the norm the idea of language restricted too or by architecture is finally achieving redundancy''

The Invisible Hand

"What is a programmer Daddy?"
"Can you touch your nose?
Yes? How did that come about?"

It is the result that gives rise to the means. What result is desired? When you dissect a butterfly is it any wonder it no longer flies? Design results in form. Do not design small things. Touch your nose.

And here is a discussion between Lobster (no angle brackets or 4) and PaulMorrison (the lines with 2 angle brackets):

 >> I looked at Flare and I think I get a flavour of it, but it seems overly 
 >> complex to me.  Why planes?  I agree with the quote at the end which 
 >> says "an improvement in programming language results when the language 
 >> moves closer to the way we carry out abstract procedures and manipulate 
 >> mental imagery in the course of doing so", but I really think they move 
 >> away from this goal when things get so complex that you have to keep all 
 >> sorts of subtle distinctions clear in your mind.  This statement sounds 
 >> a warning to me: "many proposed features ... some of them wholly 
 >> innovative, others inspired by languages including Python, Java, C++, 
 >> Eiffel, Common LISP, Scheme, Perl, MOO, Haskell, and more".   We need to 
 >> go back to Einstein's dictum: "Things should be made as simple as 
 >> possible, but no simpler."

 I agree Flare is interesting in theory but how to implement?
 How to start?
 We do not need another language. 

 We need a language to describe existing code.

 >> Annotation and XML make sense, but then you also have the ability to add 
 >> attributes on the fly with relational databases - which sounds like a 
 >> lot of the function you want, with no new technology!  Deft is along 
 >> these lines - http://www.jpaulmorrison.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Deft - but I 
 >> fail to see what is FBP-like about it.  Still, they may have a piece of 
 >> the answer - they seem to be able to do some quite powerful things with 
 >> little code.

 I was working for a short while with the Curl language -
 http://www.curl.com -
 this is web based and client centered
 one of the things we were developing is a code base 
 that is synced
 In other words script is updated from a server core

 However I believe this dependence on where code is stored will become less important
 as connection and processing and storage increase

 >> I do worry about the overall size to payload ration with XML - in an 
 >> application I worked on, we might have a 10-character tag name 
 >> describing 1 character of data (26:1 ratio).

 Let us assume the program is running in a browser on a specialised wiki
 Now if the XML code is 1000 characters or 1 character
 if one line or 100 hundred lines (dependent on display preferences from the XLS stylesheet)
 what does it matter? - the programmer is secondary to the program
 secondary to the end result
 and it is up to the programmer to define and arrange 
 the language/languages in a way that is simple and pleasing
 This arrangement will be different for a phone or large screen viewer

 >> Could you explain why ASQ has much in common with FBP?  The ASQ web site 
 >> doesn't seem to talk much about autonomous agents...

 AS ASQ is flexible as far as possible
 it can have much in common with FBP
 The reason we use a wiki (the web site is now secondary)
 is to develop components and the language on line
 so autonomous agents can be discussed as far as you feel is relevant
 or of interest

 >>>> In order to begin the bootstrap process I am looking at XUL and Flare
 >>>> http://www.flare.org/prog-overview.html
 >> XUL looks like it has part of the answer too!  What is being bootstrapped?

 I also looked briefly at XWT (based on XUL) but the project seems to
 be abandoned and the server code required to get a working example
 was not available.
 I have a feeling bootstrapping may not be required in the conventional sense
 because the wiki will evolve BUT if something was to be bootstrapped
 it would be a wiki designed for programming in . . . 

 So what is required:
 A server with a wiki
 BUT a wiki that has something like the FCK editor (for coding)
 AND allows javascript and other languages to be implemented and running

 The code is secondary to the program

 (this is why registering or trust metrics - inviting programmers
 one by one - some such mechanism is required)
 You can be sure the black hat 'script kiddies' will see
 such an environment as a challange
 The challange is to divert and utilise their dark genius  ;)  

 >>>> A viable and creatable entity for possible development on cell  
 >>>> processors
 >>>> will come together as a  pre-Quantum language (programming language 
 >>>> for Quantum processors)

 >> As in qubits?

 Yes as in qubits
 ASQ is portable because it runs from a browser

 >>>> I welcome your input at this crucial time.

 > Ummm, why crucial?  IMHO the programming world hasn't changed much in 40 
 > years...

 leave it to programmers and we will spend the next 
 40 years doing much of the same  ;) 
 (no disrespect to programmers - they are just stuck in a loop)
 I have no idea if this makes sense but increasingly
 it is making sense to me
 I hope it does for you too . . .

Yes, it does, increasingly! --PaulMorrison

A young girl who was blown out to sea on a set of inflatable teeth was rescued by a man on an inflatable lobster. A coastguard spokesman commented, "This sort of thing is all too common". (The Times)

That doesn't, though! --pm

Inflatable Lobster

Lobster Gasho

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