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Mathieu sent the following:

this is just to tell you that there is a chatline called #dataflow on irc.freenode.net. We meet there everyday to discuss art and music being made using a dataflow system called PureData.

Incidentally, Montréal (which you mention on your webpage as a city you used to live in) is now a rather big city for PureData, maybe only next to Graz, Barcelona and Wien. I have started a PureData club in Montréal and we have monthly meetings in artist-run centres.

Personally, I have made dataflow programs that have run at the Museum of Contemporary Arts of Montréal, Museum of Civilisation of Québec, Medienkunstlabor of Graz, Ottawa Art Gallery, Sherbrooke U Art Gallery, High-Performance Rodeo (Calgary theatre festival), and so on.


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