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``Generic clustering/load-balancing platform (over a LAN or internet) using java based P2P Aorta workers that execute java "tasklets". Various tasklets can be implemented to solve fractals, process images, render webpages, crack RSA "brute force".''

See http://sourceforge.net/projects/aortas/

Possible Future Directions (from RickardLundin?)

Since I started my new work August 2003 , I've learned some new intersting JAVA libraries etc. ,,, for example since java 1.4 (i think) there is an new java IO library called java.nio. It may be useful since it allows Asyncronious IO,,, I saw an intresteing article/sample application allowing 10.000 connections in one thread. (Instead of creating 10.000 threads/processes)

In general a lot of simplications can be done to current code (for example i can remove some of my code and use the Apache groups excellent code in some parts like the "plugin" part in Aorta where Tasklets "types" can be placed in a directory and Aorta automaticly pics up all existing Tasklets there and present them in the GUI so the "user/operator" can choose start parameters for a desired Tasklet (Lets say a fractal Tasklet) and "fire"=start the tasklet processing .

One interesting/useful thing to do with the current aorta is to "break" out some pieces of the code from the "Aorta" engine and have a small API that allows an application (an ordinary application of any type lets say for example an video-conversion application avi- mpg ) to fire a Tasklet from the application. The Tasklet is picked up by awaiting Aorta-daemos-servers and processed and hopefully in the and an answere is replied to the Application (in case of the video converting an mpg is returned).

The Aorta api could be very simple ,,, possible one method

Object fire(Tasklet aTasklet)


This reminds me of a project my friend, TravisDesell?, is basically entirely writing for his research professor, CarlosVarela?.



Material moved to SALSA page.

-- Sean <zuzu_@t_goodship_dot_net>

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