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There appears to be a great convergence, decades in the making, that the computing industry is about to be caught up in, and it's going to take place in the next few years. FlowBasedProgramming, electronic hardware design, and the features of at least one popular contemporary scripting language are all aligning quite eerily. The result is going to be a little hard to predict, but the scale is about what we saw with the transition from procedural to OO programming; OO was mostly driven by GUI development but spread everywhere; this shift is going to be driven by things like reconfigurable hardware but have the same broad reach. Better hang onto your hats folks, this is going to be a wild ride, and FBP's lined up to shoot the rapids right down the middle. It's been a long haul Paul, but you done good. ;-)

I'm not going to detail this very well on the first try. I'll tweak this over the next few months, but anyone else should feel free to dive in if you have a link or an example handy...

In no particular order:

-- SteveTraugott

The following section moved to CellArchitecture.

Codito looks like they are taking aim at that spot! See http://www.codito.com/prodtech_framework.html. Watch out - India is coming up fast on the outside!

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